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Making the Journey Memorable: How to Avoid Boredom on Long Travel Days

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

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I just returned from our annual family vacation. This year we went to Orange Beach, Alabama. Getting there from Wyoming with two kids, my husband and all our beach luggage is no easy task. We're looking at driving to Denver, plus flight times, layovers, rentals car lines (can we please make that process quicker and easier? I'll save that for another post. 😉) driving to our condo (We used VRBO- check out these great deals)....let's just say the travel day was long.

Long travel days can often feel monotonous and dull, leaving us yearning for the destination ahead. However, with a little creativity and preparedness, these seemingly endless hours can turn into opportunities for self-discovery and entertainment even with kids in tow. Here are some tips on how we made the long travel days enjoyable.

Bring a variety of entertainment options, such as coloring books, crayons, small toys, activity books, and puzzle games. Electronic devices with age-appropriate games, movies, and TV shows can also be lifesavers. The more choices, the better. Even I get bored flying, so changing it up definitely helps.

Carry books that your kids enjoy, or download e-books on a tablet. Reading stories together can be a great way to bond and keep them engaged. We also have found a love for audiobooks. We downloaded several before we left. This was also nice for our beach days and even our car rides while on vacation.

If possible, choose a window seat, and encourage kids to observe the changing scenery outside. Cloud formations and views from above can be fascinating. This is something we always do when flying. Picking our seats, although it adds to the cost of the flight, is a must for our family. Window seats are always a top request.

Something I did this time that I haven't

done in the past was to surprise my kids with a small toys and goody. The element of surprise sure added some excitement to our journey.

Long travel days no longer have to be tedious and boring. Avoiding boredom while flying with kids is essential to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey for both the children and the parents. We hope these travel tips help you on your next journey. Happy travels!

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