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Sitting by Campfire

Our Background

How We Got Here

With decades of travel experience our team has been formed to assure you have a pleasant flight or a joyous cruise.

We got here unknowingly. We came together as a team of weary travelers and started talking and writing about it. We believe that travel is for everyone, this world needs explored. There is beauty in this world, go see it!

 We've been here, there, and almost everywhere. We post and suggest the top travel gear for your next getaway, or suggest the best place to stay at your next destination. 

We are small town Wyoming and Montana natives who enjoy the peace of solitude, yet love the experiences of diving into other cultures. 

As a young couple, we did what we could to fill the need of travel by checking out our local trails, and best sight seeing opportunities in our region.. However, when it came to our honeymoon, we knew it was going to be a tropical island, but we just could not decide where. So, we did what any normal couple would do and we picked a song.

Yes, a song. Everyone knows (or should know) the song Kokomo, by the Beach Boys. And that is how we picked our honeymoon destination. A few months later we landed in Aruba. Since then we've been trying to cross places off the list of Kokomo by the Beach Boys. 

Our Team

Please let us take a minute to introduce ourselves. 

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