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Teacher who travels

Not sure that I've mentioned this, but I'm a teacher. I'm starting my 19 year of teaching and traveling is the one thing that I look forward to doing the most. I think for me, traveling has been my escape, my time to reset and refresh my soul. It's also a time that has always been spent with my family so I get to knock two things out by doing one.

Being a teacher means it's about that time for school to begin. As I've started to prepare myself, I started to think about new clothes and how the reality is, the same clothes I wear daily to work also serve as travel Outfits. So today, I'm sharing the top outfits I've gotten these last few weeks to prepare for the upcoming school year, but also ones I've gotten to prepare for my upcoming travel trips in the fall of this year. So, let's get into it.

I love the feel of these pants. They are lightweight and adorable. You can dress them up or down. Perfect for flying or long travel days. The elastic waisted is a must for me. I cannot wait to wear these. They also come in a wide variety of colors so you can get them to match all of the outfits.

This dress is absolutely the comfiest dress I've ever gotten. It's lightweight and flowy. Plenty of air circulation for those super hot days back to school. Not to mention it's absolutely adorable. I got this dress with just before I went to Jamaica this summer and instantly fell in love and you will too.

Lots of color choices with this one too. But this color scheme is one of my favorites.

I am a summer and heat girl. Love all things summer. But there is something about fall when the air gets cooler and it's time for sweaters and cardigans that also makes my heart happy.

This cardigan is soooo cute. I love how oversized it is. I can wear it with leggings or jeans. Dress it up or wear as the comfy lounge sweater. This is also perfect for those flights. I don't know about y'all, but I also get chilled when flying.

The colors on this match everything. You seriously can't go wrong with this cardigan.

Fall brings the perfect time of year for cute dresses. The material of this dress is so flowy. Dressing up this dress with a cute pair of tall boots is going to be adorable. But also a comfortable pair of sandals. I can forsee a cute cardigan for the cooler days. Cannot wait to wear this dress.

Our Fridays are for dress down days which usually means a comfy sweatshirt. This oversized zip up hoodie is just that. But this color y'all, it's so pretty.

I also have a few trips in mind that this is going to be the perfect extra layer. I'm picturing a cute pair of joggers and the shoes I'm going to share next. Oh I just can't wait.

Y'all these shoes 😍

I cannot wait to wear them. When you get new school shoes and clothes, do y'all wear them before school? I'm so weird about it and just have never been able to. So these have been sitting waiting patiently for school to start. They are so ridiculously comfortable. I know my feet are going to be so happy to have them on after getting used to walking on carpeted concrete 😉

Of course no school year is complete without a new pair of Hey Dudes. These shoes, if you don't own a pair, are so comfortable. They are the perfect all around shoe. And come fall, they are worn with just about everything. One particular trip we have in mind, these are going to be perfect for. So many different color and style choices as well. But these ones, match everything, which is a must for me.

Joggers are some of favorite pants for not only teaching, but also travel. They are always and I mean always in my suitcase regardless of the time of year. These joggers are some of my favorite. I love the price, the material and how they fit. There are several colors to choose from. I have a few of these and they are some of my favorites.

The last thing I'm sharing today is one of my favorite hoodies. Again, Fridays are dress down Fridays so more often than not I'll be wearing a hoodie. This is one of my favorite styles of hoodies. I love the oversized hood and neckline. It's a little thicker so it's warm and cozy.

The price is reasonable and quite a bit cheaper than the lookalikes such as Ampersand or Wanakome but just as cute.

So there you have it. A few of my favorite back to school teacher/ travel Outfits.

Keep a look out for my new blog series coming out. It will be on Traveling on Teacher's Budget. I'm excited to share how I've done it and how I've made traveling a priority. Plus I'm going to be recommending my favorite teacher things too. 😉

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