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Big Agnes Big House Tent - Spacious and Versatile Tent for your next Outdoor Adventure.

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5)

I recently had the pleasure of testing out the Big Agnes Big House Tent, and it proved to be a reliable and spacious shelter for my outdoor adventures. As an avid camper, I've used various tents over the years, but this one left a positive impression with its thoughtful design and durable construction.


1. Spacious Interior: True to its name, the Big House Tent offers a generous floor area that comfortably accommodates a group of 4-6 people or provides ample space for a family camping trip. Standing inside is possible for most individuals, making it easy to move around without feeling cramped.

2. Excellent Durability: The tent's materials are of high quality, showcasing excellent craftsmanship. The robust pole system and sturdy fabric hold up well against wind and rain, ensuring a secure shelter even in adverse weather conditions.

3. Easy Setup: Setting up the Big House Tent was a breeze, thanks to color-coded poles and quick-attach buckles. With some practice, it can be assembled by a single person in under 15 minutes. Taking it down was equally effortless.

4. Versatility: The tent's design caters to various camping styles. It features large windows and multiple doors that can be zipped open for ventilation on warm days, or sealed tightly to keep out the cold during chilly nights.

5. Thoughtful Features: The tent is equipped with numerous storage pockets, offering convenient places to stow personal items and keep the interior tidy. Additionally, the reflective guylines are useful for enhancing visibility at night, reducing the risk of tripping over guy ropes.

Kinda Cons:

1. Weight: This is not a lightweight backcountry backpacking tent, nor is it advertised as one.

2. Price: Although less than $400.00, you might step back when looking at this price tag. However, remember you are not shopping for a Walmart tent that will be destroyed after its first use. You are buying a high quality product that is sturdy and will last through the ages.

The Big Agnes Big House Tent is a top-notch option for campers who prioritize space, durability, and convenience. Families, groups of friends, or car campers will appreciate its roomy interior and easy setup. While it may not be the lightest tent available, its thoughtful design and exceptional build quality make it a worthwhile investment for anyone seeking a reliable shelter for outdoor adventures.

I highly recommend the Big House Tent for its impressive features and durability, making it an excellent companion for memorable camping experiences.

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